We work with homeowners to help them get their home improvement projects completed to their standards.

We are currently busy and only working on bathroom projects at the time.  Sorry for the inconvenient.

Our Services

Bathroom Remodeling Design

Ready to get your bathrooms remodeled but need some help getting things visualized so that you are 100% confident before proceeding (and so your contractor is on the same page)? Our bathroom remodeling design service is for you.  

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Kitchen Remodeling Design

Work with our team to get visual design renderings for your planned Kitchen.  We can design any style and layout for efficiency or ultization and create a package that will help you get lower bids from contractors.

Not Currently Accepting New Projects

Interior Design Design

Have a room that you want to feel warm and engaging?  We can work together to design the space and provide rendered concepts along with the paint colors and decor items you'll need to have a space a that you (and your guests) will love!

Not Currently Accepting New Projects

Virtual Project Advisor

Overwhelmed with different input from contractors and tradesmen?  Work with a virtual advisor from our team through evaluating bids, determining timing and materials needed to execute and spot checks.

Not Currently Accepting New Projects