Have Your Bathroom Designed By A Pro For Under $500

See your bathroom.  Make adjustments.  Before hiring a contractor.  

We're The #1  Remodeling Design Service For Homeowners

  • Stop Stressing About an Unfinished or Ugly Bathroom
  • Ensure That Contractors Are Building To Your Speficiations
  • Come Home To Your Dream Space Every Day

Your Bathroom In 3D

Plans That Will Help You And Your Contractor.

Why Homeowners Have Us Design Their Bathroom Remodel?

Considering the money you'll likely save on the projects, and the headaches you'll avoid, spending a little bit for professional design upfront is a no brainer!

Get better prices.  Having a plan ensures all contractors are bidding to the same specs, and thus they bid more competitively.

Avoid miscommunication.  Most problems arise in the remodeling process due to miscommunication of project specifications.  Having designs and visual renderings will eliminate these common issues.

Unbiased design input.  Contractors that offer design/planning services will typically only present options that either make the most profit, or are easy to do.  Using a 3rd party service like ours, puts the focus on you.

Avoid regret.  You don't want to jump into your project project only to say "S&^% this is not what I expected".

How It works

Upload some pictures of you current bathroom and any design inspiration you have.

Answer some questions regarding budget, and utilization of the bathroom.

Within 72 hours our design team will have your initial concept
Request Revisions. If you would like any from color, materials, textures, or styles changed... simply let us know. We want to design the perfect bathroom form you.

Complete Design. Once design is approved will send you a set of angled renderings (3-5), and a material specific list.

Costs & Getting Started

Simple Pricing Based on the size of your bathroom.   

Get Everything You Need To Start Your Bathroom Remodel RIGHT

Expert Layout & Design

Unbiased Budget Consideration

3D Rendering

Style & Texture Guide

Material Specifications

$499 -- Standard Bathroom Remodel Up To 150 Sqft

$649 -- Large Bathroom Remodel Over 150 Sqft

Here's An Example of The Design Package You'll Get


This team did great.  The visuals were vital to helping me overcome indecisiveness that was holding up my whole project.  It was also easier to get estimates.  All the contractors we able to bid off of the plans I emailed to them.

Stunning!  We wanted a major bathroom overhaul change the position of walls and plumbing lines. They did something that was awesome beyond what I could imagine.  I'm looking forward to getting this project done!