Elevate Your Home's Exterior
with Our Virtual Design Services

View realistic 3D renderings of your new exterior. Our high-quality images help you visualize the final result, making it easier to plan your renovation.


Virtual After

Give Your Home a Vibrant New Look
with Our Virtual Paint Visualizer Design Services

Our expert designers will help you choose the perfect colors and see your home transformed before any paint touches your walls.

Why Choose Kenneth Design Co?

At Kenneth Design Co, we understand the impact that color can have on your home’s curb appeal.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch virtual paint visualizer design services that transform your home’s exterior with ease and precision. Here are the reasons why homeowners trust us to help them find the perfect color scheme:

  • Expert Designers
  • Detailed Color Plans
  • Cost-effective, Convenient, and Efficient

What's Included

  • Paint anything - select elements you want to see painted
  • A talented team including a dedicated Design Project Manager, Color Specialist, Designer, and Rendering Artist
  • Itemized color list with names and brand of each color selected
  • 2 high quality, photorealistic, downloadable 2D, virtual renderings and before & after images

Before and After
Photos of our Exterior Paint Visualizer

Explore our gallery of completed projects to see the stunning transformations our virtual paint visualizer design services have achieved. Each project showcases our commitment to excellence and creativity.

Move slider on the picture to see the complete BEFORE & AFTER photo.

Ready to explore new colors for your home’s exterior?

How it Works

Upload a Photo

Take a clear, high-resolution photo of your home's exterior. Make sure the photo is taken from a straight-on perspective to accurately capture the details.

Answer a Few Questions

Answer questions about your desired color palettes, favorite shades, and any particular areas you want to highlight or downplay.

Receive Your Custom Design

Receive detailed 3D visualizations of your home's exterior in the new colors. These realistic renderings allow you to see exactly how different colors will look on your house.

Expert Tips in Choosing a New Color
for Your House Exterior

Choose the Right Color Scheme.

Selecting the perfect color for your home's exterior can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to ensure you make a choice you'll love for years to come:

  • Limit your palette. Stick to three main colors – a primary for the siding, a secondary for trim, and an accent for doors and shutters.
  • Complement your surroundings. Consider the colors of neighboring houses and natural surroundings to ensure harmony.
  • Think about the future trends. While it can be tempting to follow current color trends, opt for timeless colors that won't look dated in a few years.

Ready to Transform Your Home with Color?

Explore our gallery to see the power of color transformations. Get inspired and take the first step towards a fresh new look for your home today!