Bathrooms are one of the most under-designed yet constantly used spaces in homes. That’s why remodeling a bathroom can transform a home, making it more comfortable and functional. Not only can a bathroom renovation make your home feel like new again, but it can also boost its value.

But with so many aspects and details to cover, bathroom remodels can be quite overwhelming. You have to come up with a design, decide on which features to upgrade, set a budget, hire professionals, pick materials and amenities, and more.

With all these project info and decisions you have to deal with, you probably have questions, which were probably already asked by other homeowners when they were starting their projects. To help you get your dream bathroom, here are some bathroom remodel frequently asked questions, making it easier for you to get started with your project.


1. Where do I start with my bathroom remodeling project?
2. What gets renovated in a full bathroom remodel?
3. What gets upgraded in a partial bathroom remodel?
4. How long does a bathroom remodel usually take?
5. Should I remodel my entire bathroom or do it in stages?
6. How much does an average bathroom remodel cost?
7. How do I find trusted and reliable bathroom remodel contractors?

Where do I start with my bathroom remodeling project?

To prepare and get started with your bathroom renovation, I suggest checking out different bathroom designs online to get an idea of what style you want. You can visit Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites, or take a look at home remodeling magazines and shoes. If you want to know what is trending on bathroom remodel designs this year, I’ve recently written a post on the top bathroom remodeling trends of 2020.

While it will be easier to have a style or type of look for a bathroom, there are some homeowners who don’t have a preference or choose to hire a bathroom or interior designer. If you are the same, you can also ask bathroom remodel contractors if they have design consultation to help you figure out your next bathroom’s look.

What gets renovated in a full bathroom remodel?

There are different aspects of the bathroom, and the two most common options are a full bathroom remodel and a partial bathroom remodel. A full bathroom remodel consists of retiling the floor and tile tub surrounds, repainting, and replacing the tub and/or shower, toilet, sink, and vanity. It also includes upgrading hardware, lighting, faucets, and other fixtures. It usually doesn’t involve moving plumbing locations, new electrical, or any other structural work that is often required when expanding or adding a new bathroom.

Since this requires more work and changes, except that it will cost more and take longer to finish. But with full bathroom remodels, you will get so much more and will really feel that the space is new. Just think of it as if you’re adding a new bathroom to your home.

For some homeowners, they choose a full bathroom remodel to update the look of their bathroom, while others do a renovation to make it safer and more comfortable. This is also a better option if you want to relocate the shower and/or tub, sink, toilet, vanity, and other main features.

What gets upgraded in a partial bathroom remodel?

On the other hand, defining a partial bathroom remodel can be ambiguous since it can mean almost any aspect of the renovation. It can be something as simple as getting a new shower head to replacing the flooring. This can also include upgrading the shower, converting the tub to a shower, replacing the wall-system, and adding a countertop.

A partial bathroom remodel is recommended if you are already satisfied with the layout of your bathroom. If you don’t need to relocate the tub and/or shower, sink, toilet, vanity, and other main features, then this would be enough. This is also suitable for those who just need to upgrade old tubs, fix cracked or chipped showers, and replace outdated toilets.

This type of remodeling will be done quickly in a few weeks, or even days, depending on which aspects of the bathroom you need to get done. This is also perfect for those who don’t have a big budget, an extra bathroom to use, or time for a full renovation.

How long does a bathroom remodel usually take? 

It depends on whether you’re getting a partial or a full bathroom remodel, which is really the scope of the bathroom remodeling. For a full one, it typically takes two to four weeks, which will largely depend on the style, size, which fixtures will be replaced or upgraded, the number of people working on it, and if it will require any plumbing, electrical, or structural changes. Bathroom remodels usually take longer if there is demolition work, which can take a day, or need for insulation and drywall installation, which will require another day.

On the other hand, partial bathroom remodels can take 5 to 14 days, even less than a week if it’s just minor renovations such as replacing the showerhead, reglazing the tub, or any other cosmetic refurbishing. Another factor that will affect the schedule, for either type of bathroom remodeling, is the age of the home or condition of the plumbing, fixture, and subfloor of the bathroom.

Should I remodel my entire bathroom or do it in stages?

If you do decide on a full bathroom remodel, it’s recommended to do it all at once rather than in stages. This way, you won’t have to use a half-completed bathroom or wait longer to get to your dream bathroom.

But if you don’t have an extra bathroom to use or are on a limited budget, then it would be fine to do the bathroom remodel in stages. If you don’t have another fully-functional bathroom, then it would affect your lifestyle to get your bathroom renovated all at once.

To save time as well as on labor expenses, group tasks similar in terms of the time to get it done or professionals who will work on it. For example, larger tasks that take longer can be done together and not separately, so you can consolidate the duration for both into one.

How much does an average bathroom remodel cost?

A bathroom remodel typically costs between $6,000 to $25,000. Similar to the project duration, it will largely depend on the size, type of remodel, quality of fixtures and hardware, and prep work. But a smaller bathroom or getting minor upgrades will be less expensive, costing around $2,500 to $7,000. For full bathroom remodels, expect to pay around $20,000 or more, especially if you will be renovating a master bathroom. Not surprisingly, choosing high-quality fixtures and hardware can even double or triple the average cost.

For more details about the cost of bathroom remodeling, read Bathroom Remodel Price Guide (with Examples).

How do I find trusted and reliable bathroom remodel contractors?

It can be difficult to find top-notch contractors. If it’s not your first time working with one, you’ve probably had your fair share of contractors who don’t return your calls, take too long to respond, or don’t show up on the day of the estimate.

If you want to be able to find trusted professionals in your local area, I recommend Networx. You can easily and quickly compare estimates, spending less time and effort on this part of the project.

All contractors who are on this platform need to be licensed and insured to join, and since they pay for the opportunity to earn your business, they will be eager to earn it as well! After submitting your quote request, you'll be contacted by a few of their local contractors. (Related: 7 Details You Need to Clarify with Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor)


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